Fair Commission?

  What is the Bergen Realty Group all about?

What is "Full Service" and "Fair Commission"?

Why should I list with you? 

These are all great questions and ones that we love to hear because it means people are noticing us.

First of all, Bergen Realty Group ( formally 3.75 realty group) headquartered in Englewood Cliffs and serving the Northern New Jersey area is built on the philosophy of Full Service at a Fair Commission.  Which leads us to the next question we get most often, “What exactly is full service and fair commission?”

Let's tackle "Fair Commission" first.  As you may have already guessed from our name, our commission is always negotiable.  How many of us have bought something (a tv, camera or even a car) to only find out that our neighbor bought the same one for less?  The same is true in the real estate world - some people pay commission rates of 4%, some pay 5% and some pay 6% or more!  As a company consisting of agents with many years of experience, we feel that our rate is determined by the agent and client on a case by case basis and thus reflects a fair rate for all parties. We are not driven by any minimum corporate rate or commission  table each "deal" is negotiated on its own merits.

Sounds good so far, but I probably don't get much...

 At Bergen Realty Group "Full Service" includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Complete and thorough CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to better help you understand the current market conditions and what some other homes in your neighborhood have sold for.
  • List your home on the MLS where it will be seen by thousands of other Agents with buyers looking for a home just like yours.
  • Full time professional agents who speak many languages (visit our Agent Directory to learn more about our Agents).
  • Appropriate print marketing/Ads in targeted newspapers
  • Your home will be marketed on a full spectrum of online websites (30 and counting!) where it has the maximum potential to be viewed!  Click the below image for a full list of sites your home will be marketed on. 


  • Virtual tour of your home for online listings.
  • Broker open houses.
  • Buyer open houses.

To learn more about us, schedule an appointment to discuss buying or selling a home or if you just have a question about real estate, please give us a call at 201-266-8200 or send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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